Documentation- and Data management.

With our years of expertise and the digital tools we create, your plant construction project will be a triumph.

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So that your plant construction project
becomes a success.

In the construction of biotechnological, pharmaceutical and chemical plants, documentation is one of the most important project components. If it is managed by the wrong people, or even neglected, projects fail.

ProQuinn offers data management and digitally focused documentation management solutions throughout Europe. Our experienced team ensures that all types of project-relevant documents are efficiently structured, managed and utilized in your project. We offer modern, digital solutions for this purpose. This is the only way to make your project truly a success.

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What do we offer?

We have been focusing on biotechnological, pharmaceutical and chemical plant engineering projects for years. However, we would be glad to help you with other projects as well.

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Document management runs in the background of every project and ensures the success of all project work. We support you in setting up and executing any documentation process.

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Data Management

We own and develop modern tools that allow you to efficiently collect and use project data. This allows essential measures to be taken from which your project will benefit.

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Digital tools

Digital tools can significantly accelerate the execution of a plant construction project. Our experienced team supports you in the right selection and implementation of such tools.


We have several years of experience in the field of documentation management and data management, which has guaranteed the successful completion of many complex large-scale plant construction projects.

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Just as every project is unique, every team member at ProQuinn is unique. This uniqueness is reflected not only in our team culture, but also in our ways of working.

To keep up with the demands of our customers and the challenges of large projects, the team of ProQuinn team is not shy about change. We see change as a trigger for our further development and adapt to our project requirements.

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We enjoy our work and that is why we show up everyday with full engagement. There are no problems, only challenges, that we solve together as a team.

That's us. ProQuinn.

A small part of a large team. Unfortunately, there is not enough space to show the entire team. However, here are our crown jewels:

Anita Theil - ProQuinn

Anita Theil

Lead - Documentation & Data Management,

Daniel Frank Iyamu - ProQuinn

Daniel Frank Iyamu

Software development & Data Engineering,

Cornelia Fahnler - ProQuinn

Cornelia Fahnler

Documentation & Data Management,

Ines Gulder - ProQuinn

Ines Guldner

Documentation & Data Management,

Sophia Auer - ProQuinn

Sophia Auer

Documentation Management

Alina Schuster - ProQuinn

Alina Schuster

Office Management

Leni - ProQuinn


The queen of Documentaion Management

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